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Digdarshika Institute, a pioneer in special education since 1989, is Central India's hub of excellence. From diplomas to master’s degrees, our programs, approved by The Rehabilitation Council of India, exemplify our commitment to serving children and adults with diverse needs, including the special needs, deaf-blind, hearing impaired, and visually challenged.

As the State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) for Madhya Pradesh, we lead in disabilities and mental health. With consultative status across vital government and non-government agencies -Education, Social Justice, Women and Child Development, Health, and more - Digdarshika Institute actively shapes policies.

Join us in creating models for emulation, fostering empowerment for individuals facing unique challenges.

Welcome to Digdarshika Institute of Rehabilitation & Research, where dedication meets impact in the comprehensive realm of special education and rehabilitation.

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Special School

Welcome to our Special Education School at Digdarshika, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive training and unwavering support to children with intellectual disabilities age 0-14 years. Our primary goal is to facilitate their complete development and successful integration into mainstream society.

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Sheltered Workshop

Our Shelter Workshop provides a secure environment for adults aged 18 years and above, intellectually disabled yet capable of working. Under the guidance of trained teachers and trainers, activities include Goodrick's Tea Packaging, Decoration of Earthen Lamps, Paper Bag/ Dona Unit, and Rakhi Making Unit. These activities not only enhance professional skills but also encourage creativity and eco-friendly practices.



Training College

Welcome to the Teachers Training College (B.Ed.& M.Ed.) at Digdarshika, where we have cultivated a rich legacy spanning over three decades. Our vision is centered around fostering a transformative learning environment, emphasizing the four pillars of education—learning to know, do, be, and live together—as the foundation for holistic development.

Ways to Give

Your contribution, whether through funding our project, corporate engagement, purchasing products, or sponsoring a child, plays a crucial role in building a more inclusive and empowered society. Join us in creating positive change and fostering a legacy that transcends limitations.

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