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Vocational Traning & Rehabilitation Centre (VRC)

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The Vocational Training & Rehabilitation Centre is committed to equipping individuals with intellectual disabilities with the skills and confidence needed for a fulfilling and independent life. Through tailored training and a supportive environment, we aim to address the concerns of parents regarding the future prospects of their children.

The objectives are:
1.    To empower trainee children with intellectual disabilities for successful vocational rehabilitation.
2.    Develop Competency Skills for Independent Living and facilitate mainstream integration.
3.    Strengthen self-help, socialization, and communication skills for improved interaction.
4.    To offer avenues for trainees to participate in Special Olympics, Abilympics, and Open School Examinations.
Admission Criteria and Support:

  • Admission is open to trainees aged 14 years and above with mental deficiency.

  • The service addresses parental concerns about the future well-being of their children.

  • A dedicated team, including Special Educators, Behavior Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Audiologists, Yoga Instructors, and Vocational Instructors, provides support as needed.

Comprehensive Training Approach:

  • Detailed psychological and special educational assessments precede systematic training.

  • Focus areas include Self-help care, Communication, Socialization, Functional academics, vocational training, and vocational rehabilitation.

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Trainees with mild intellectual disabilities are encouraged to undertake the 5th standard exams through the open school system.

  • Digdarshika serves as an exam center for open school exams.

Achievements and Participation:

  • Trainees actively participate and excel in events such as the Special Olympics at both national and international levels.

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