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Community Impact

At Digdarshika, our commitment to fostering inclusive education and empowering individuals with disabilities has led to significant community impact.


Here's a glimpse of the transformative work we've accomplished: 

Education and Mainstreaming: 

  • Successfully mainstreamed approximately 5000 children with disabilities into formal education, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for their academic growth. 


Special Education Initiatives: 

  • Provided regular special education to an average of 60 individuals with disabilities annually, totalling around 2100 persons to date. 



Camps and Consultation: 

  • Conducted camps and consultation sessions, reaching out to approximately 1000 persons with disabilities annually. This initiative has positively impacted around 20,000 plus persons till date. 

Community Support and Mobilization: 

  • Organized more than 100 awareness camps to promote understanding and acceptance of disabilities within communities. 

  • Conducted over 60 teacher training programs, empowering educators with the skills to support students with diverse needs. 

  • Facilitated more than 70 parents training programs, creating a supportive environment for families with individuals facing disabilities. 



Project Accomplishments: 

  • Successfully completed over 27 projects addressing various aspects of disabilities and mental illness, both in center-based settings and within communities. 

  • Trained over 1000 teachers, enhancing their capabilities to provide quality services to persons with disabilities across India and abroad. 

Sports and Achievements: 

  • Actively engaged numerous students in local, state, national, and international sports competitions, fostering physical well-being and a sense of accomplishment. 

  • Celebrated the success of several students who achieved gold, silver, and bronze medals, along with certificates, in local, state, national, and international sports events, showcasing their abilities beyond the classroom. 

At Digdarshika, our endeavours extend beyond education, reaching into the heart of communities and touching the lives of individuals with disabilities. With continued support, we aspire to create a more inclusive and empowered society for all. 

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