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Digdarshika Special School


Welcome to our Special School at Digdarshika, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive training and unwavering support to children with intellectual disabilities age 0-14 years. Our primary goal is to facilitate their complete development and successful integration into mainstream society.

The Special School provides holistic training for children under 14 with intellectual disabilities, aiming for their integration into mainstream society. Our teaching and training methodologies are rooted in the play-way method, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. We place significant emphasis on peer tutoring, fostering a supportive atmosphere where students can learn from and support each other. 

Our curriculum includes yoga, sports, and personal care for overall well-being, along with vocational readiness and behaviour therapy. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are offered, supported by funding from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. We strive for a nurturing environment where every child can thrive. 

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Need any assistance with our services? Our team of experts are here to help

+91 - 0755 256 2611

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