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The D.Ed. (ID) , B.Ed. (ID) and M.Ed. (ID) in Special Education programs will especially help the student trainees develop the following Knowledge based competencies: 

  •  About various disabilities and their associated conditions 

  •  Differential needs of learners with disabilities in general 

  •  Differential needs of learners with ASD, ID and SLD 

  •  Various areas of child development and the relevant mental processes  

  •  Legislative provisions & policy guidelines for education and rehabilitation aspects · Educational   needs of the children with disability and their  management  

  • Planning and execution of curricular and co-curricular activities 

  • Methods and techniques of teaching of various subjects Skill based competencies:  

  • Assessment and identification of learners with ASD, ID and SLD using a multidisciplinary approach 

  •  Interventional strategies of addressing learning styles and preferences. 

  •  Use of curricular strategies, pedagogical approaches, adaptations and assessments  

  • Promotion of inclusive practices and involvement of family and community 

  •  Development of specialized skills in planning and providing support services to high-support need groups (Children with severe disabilities) 

  •  Development of competencies to teach in varied settings including special schools, inclusive schools, home-based education and technology-based home learning environments Value or Behavior based competencies: 

  •  Promotion of school culture and ethos for inclusive educational practices; 

  •  Empowerment of families for equal partnership and advocacy of children; 

  •  Involvement of community for resource mobilization and support; 

  •  Promotion of inclusive practices with equity and quality;  

  • Acceptance of every student with the belief and conviction that every child will learn.  

Digdarshika Institute of Rehabilitation & Research 

Job Opportunity in Special Education 

D.Ed.,B.Ed. & M.Ed. Spl. Ed.(MR/ID) 

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